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Architects Program Agreement

Brenden Labrum
Last Updated: 3 years ago

Thank you for supporting Scout To Hunt and helping us elevate our instincts by becoming an Architect in the Scout To Hunt Insider Build Program (“Program”). We have created this Program with the genuine desire to include you in the development process of Scout To Hunt, so you have the opportunity to share your expertise and ultimately become a part of its success. By joining this Program, you are confirming to us that you agree to and accept the requirements of eligibility listed below. To remain eligible, you must maintain the necessary level of participation of testing, reviewing, and providing genuine feedback on Scout To Hunt features, updates, and content before they are made live and released to the general public.

By joining, you agree to our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Keep in mind that you will be intentionally testing insider builds and beta versions that may not be as stable as the current or final versions of the features and updates. Therefore, bugs and failures in the functionality of the features and/or App may occur during testing.



Eligibility Requirements & Necessary Participation:

  • Minimum of one (1) feedback submission per month
  • All feedback is submitted through the official channels designated by Scout To Hunt for the Program (e.g., surveys, polls, free response forms, email etc.)



  • Exclusive early access to new features, updates and content
  • Exclusive collaboration with the Scout To Hunt development team
  • VIP Account Status - Free Lifetime Access to all premium paid features
  • Free Scout To Hunt and Architects gear
  • Official recognition of Architects in the Program (e.g.,, select events, social media, etc.)


You may request to opt out of any of the benefits listed above. Just let us know and we’ll accommodate accordingly. By participating in the Program, you agree to allow us to:

  • Contact you regarding any Program related items
  • Collect and analyze feedback and performance data from your voluntary feedback as well as the Web and Mobile app, to monitor performance and seek areas of improvement
  • Inform you about new development builds, releases and previews for testing
  • Collect feedback through the use of surveys, polls and open response forms to gain insights on your experiences and seek your input
  • Share your feedback, insights and reports to agents involved in our development efforts
  • Keep you informed on Program changes, updates and news
  • Inform you about benefits, incentives, giveaway winners, and any other rewards associated with the benefits package of the Program as designated by Scout To Hunt
  • Reserve the right to alter, change or dissolve this agreement and the Program in its entirety



You can opt-out of this agreement and its corresponding provisions, including related communications from Scout To Hunt, by unenrolling from the Program at any time. Scout To Hunt reserves the right to termintate the Architects Program and all related items that pertain to the program such as benefits and communications with the Scout To Hunt development team.

All feedback and data that you provide by participating in the Program can be used by Scout To Hunt in any way and for any purpose, as dictated by Scout To Hunt, without charge.


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