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Layer Adjustment Button

Brenden Labrum
Last Updated: 9 months ago

What is the Layer Adjustment Button?

The Layer Adjustment button provides you quick access to the adjustment and filtering options for Modular Layers. This menu is made accessible from the main map screen.

The button appears on the upper left corner of your main map screen only when a modular layer, such as the Elevation Bands or UnPaved layers, is toggled on from the Layers Menu. If all modular-type layers are toggled off from the Layers Menu, the Layer Adjustment button will automatically be removed from your map screen to keep visual interference to a minimum.




What are Modular Layers?

Modular Layers are designed to allow you to adjust and filter segments or portions of a layer on your map. For example, the Elevation Bands layer and the UnPaved™ layer are modular layers that allow you to control which elevation range(s) or road types you need to see on the map while also allowing you to remove the ones you don't need to see. Not all layers are modular.

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